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I would like to just wax philosophical for a moment about why I don't colour my drawings and why I put so many up on deviantart.

Firstly I do a lot of requests for people on deviantart and this is the only way to give them to the people. Am I proud of a lot of these request drawings? No, not really. Am I proud of any of my drawings? No, not really.

Every time I do a drawing I know that I can do better, so what is the point of colouring in and finishing this picture when I know the next one will be better. There is no such thing as a finished picture. I would rather have a drawing where I like some aspects of it and not others, rather than a drawing I thought was all just a bit meh.

Practice makes perfect, and you can't be expected to get better if you spend time finishing art.

Besides I don't know what you guys and gals out in internet land are going to like or dislike, so if I get harsh criticism on a sketch that took me 5 to 10 minutes, no big deal. If I get criticism on a drawing I spent a few days finishing, that hurts.

And that's why I don't colour and I post up a lot of drawings.
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Submitted on
January 8, 2011